What is technopreneur? Technopreneur is a combination of two words namely Technology and Entrepreneur. Technopreneur is defined as a business opportunity that utilizes existing technology. In the current Globalization era, the development of information technology is growing very rapidly and also in the economic field, very rapid economic growth requires employers to always upgrade their business to be better and compete strictly, both on a national and international scale. This condition also encourages the industry to use human resources from university graduates who are competent and have entrepreneurial spirit.

The world really needs a lot of technopreneur or entrepreneur. But in reality only a small proportion of college graduates have entrepreneurial spirit, so college graduates are required not only as job seekers, but also to be able to become job creators.

The current process of globalization demands changes in the Indonesian economy from resource based to knowledge based. Recource based is relying on the wealth and diversity of natural resources which generally results in little added value. Knowledge-based economy is created, one of which is due to the existence of technopreneur (technology entrepreneurs) who pioneered new businesses that emphasize an innovation. One example of technopreneur is hightech business which is currently dominated by information technology, biotechnology and other businesses based on technological innovation.

In entrepreneurship, things that are needed by employers in improving the quality of their business are by mastering technology because technology will provide added value to the processes, products, and the whole production system. Technology is needed to get comfort, convenience, productivity, efficiency, lightness, and speed. Some technopreneur figures in the world are Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Frederick Smith, and Wong Hoo Sim.

What distinguishes those who have technopreneur mindsets or entrepreneurs with those who are not, can be seen from their consumption patterns. A technopreneur has a productive character, not consumptive. In addition, a technopreneur always tries to “find new ways” to increase the utility of existing resources efficiently. An entrepreneur tends towards “job creator” rather than just “job seeker.

there is an interesting statement that the average developed country must have at least 2% of entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs. With a population of around 230 million, Indonesia can become a developed country if it has a minimum of 4.6 million entrepreneurs. The fact that statistical data reveals that Indonesia has an entrepreneur or entrepreneur is 400,000 people, or only around 0.18%. This fact reveals that there are still quite a number of developing countries from developed countries, assuming that the number of entrepreneurs is the main reference. That is the challenge for developing countries to become developed countries by continuing to increase the number of entrepreneurs, especially technology-based entrepreneurs (technopreneur) so that later able to catch up with other developed countries can even compete with them.

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